Green Wing Aerodynamic Side Skirts

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Improved Fuel Economy...Mile After MileWant to see how green wing will affect your bottom line?
Visit the interactive calculator at, plug in your own numbers and see how much money you could save with Green Wing. After seeing the savings for yourself, then call us for details.

Leading Edge Profile Cleans Airflow
Green Wing’s leading edge profile was refined in the RRWT to provide maximum fuel savings. The leading edge of the profile catches the “dirty” air just behind the tractor’s duals and redirects the turbulence into a laminar flow resulting in less drag on your trailer. Without sacrificing fuel savings, Green Wing’s Ground Clearance Arc allows your trailer to travel over mid-trailer obstacles such as railroad tracks and sunken docks easier than conventional designs. The glass content in Green Wing® allows product impact with no permanent set. In other words, Green Wing® has a memory and always returns to flat.

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