Versatile and Durable Composite Flooring

TransCore developed by Ridge Corporation is a unique solution to a structural replacement of plywood flooring in RV’s, Buses, Marine, etc.  TransCore’s uniqueness as a TRUE COMPOSITE structure, is due to combining differing fully recyclable, repurposable and environmentally friendly natural components utilizing no bonding.   All, virtually waterproof, components are thermally fused in the longest lamination line in the world.  This unique combination of common materials (5% by weight recycled materials) combined in a high-speed process ensures all users a low cost, long lasting flooring alternative that is sustainable while emitting no harmful gases. Commercially tested and proven to have greater strength, durability, and insulative properties, TransCore saves weight and prevents rot, insects, and normal wood degradation while meeting fire ratings for vehicles.  All in all, TransCore adds value at day of purchase and insures trade-in-value as well.

Need durable composite flooring that stands up to the toughest working conditions? TransCore by Ridge Corporation is the perfect solution.

TransCore offers a lightweight, bondable surface that resists damage, moisture, and pests. It lasts longer than wood flooring, is easier to clean, and can be used in more applications. The facts speak for themselves, but you really need to experience the difference with your own eyes.


Why is TransCore the Best Choice for Composite Flooring?


Like other composite flooring materials, TransCore is lighter and more durable than wood. It is highly resistant to punctures and abrasions, requires less maintenance, and features VGS technology for reduced slipping and wear.

Just as importantly, TransCore features single-piece construction that can be CNC cut to specifications. When you combine that with the fact that it is 100% recyclable and regulation-friendly, it’s the perfect option for trucking, ground transport, and marine applications.

Meeting the Needs of an American Icon: Airstream Travel Trailers

that is why the iconic brand recently made the transition from wood to TransCore in their flooring for all traditional RV models.

By replacing wood tongue-and-groove flooring with seamless composite material from Ridge Corporation, Airstream has given its customers a more reliable product. New flooring is installed with heat bonding for a more precise production process and user comfort. Buyers get durable, waterproof flooring that can stand up to the demands of extended travel.

“One of our mantras at Airstream comes from our founder, Wally Byam, who said we shouldn’t make changes – only improvements. This was an opportunity to improve with a composite flooring product we feel is better than anything else on the market.”

 -Airstream VP of Product Development McKay Featherstone on choosing TransCore


A Commitment to Quality


When you choose TransCore, you are not only getting cutting-edge composite flooring material, but also services and support from a trusted industry leader. At Ridge, our reputation for innovation, rigorous testing, and excellence in production are second to none.

“Manufacturing a reliable product day after day is what makes this company special. It’s the reason we started Ridge in the first place. Our passion is in developing new solutions for the transportation industry, and we love it when we get the chance to work with other outstanding companies in the great state of Ohio. Producing a product for the iconic Airstream travel trailer is a dream come true for us, and we look forward to forging relationships with other leading brands as we continue to improve our products.”


Available at These OEMs

Great Dane Logo
Stoughton Trailers Logo
Hyundai Logo
Strick Logo

Why TransCore?

Best Aero performance
Recyclable (unlike thermoset skirts that must go to the landfill)
Lowest cost per mile: Most durable 1 piece fairing available and does not dent or fatigue
Bottom Edge Hem: Maximum protection
Exclusive Ground-Clearance-Arc: Perfect for recessed docks
Heavy Duty V-Brace material: Extreme environmental protection and toughness
Easy installation: Designed for high speed production lines
Nationwide dealer network
Lifetime warranty
CARB compliance/Smartway Verified

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