Long Lasting and Resilient

Made in house by Ridge – Ridge is a manufacturer, not an assembler. The V-brace and Green Wing fairings are molded and laminated in house by Ridge. We back up our materials with a limited lifetime warranty.

Industry BEST Drag Reduction – Aerodynamic fairings were meant to be close to the ground. Green Wing has the largest surface area of any skirt available on the market, leading to the industry’s best drag reduction performance.

Durable lightweight materials – Weighing less than 140 lbs total kit weight, Green Wing offers the lightest in class skirts with the least impact to trailer payload.


Leading Aerodynamic Performance


The resilient V-Brace – Molded in house by Ridge, the V-Brace provides support and resilience with the ability to bend out of the way of obstacles, in either direction!

Heavy duty hem with Ground Clearance Arc – The heavy duty hem is a thermoformed double reinforced bottom edge with a ground clearance arc to allow clearance when pulling in and out of recessed docks.

Performance backed by wind tunnel data – No phony numbers. Ridge spends countless hours in the wind tunnel, benchmarking and perfecting the aerodynamic shape. The result is the #1 skirt in drag reduction and industry best deltaCDA.



GreenWing Family ROI Solutions

Solutions for any fleet – Industry best performance and fuel reduction technology to compliance, there are Green Wing options available to meet your needs.

Options available for any trailer – Ridge is the only skirt that comes pre-drilled for quick and easy install. With over XXXX configurations, Green Wing is available for vans, flat beds, tankers, truck bodies and more!


Available at All OEMs

Why GreenWing?

Best Aero performance
Recyclable (unlike thermoset skirts that must go to the landfill)
Lowest cost per mile: Most durable 1 piece fairing available and does not dent or fatigue
Bottom Edge Hem: Maximum protection
Exclusive Ground-Clearance-Arc: Perfect for recessed docks
Heavy Duty V-Brace material: Extreme environmental protection and toughness
Easy installation: Designed for high speed production lines
Nationwide dealer network
Lifetime warranty
CARB compliance/Smartway Verified

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