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In 2005, Ridge Corporation successfully introduced the refrigerated transportation market to the concept of welding the lower scuff band to upper wall liner walls to create a single piece, integral wall liner. Today, PolarX has established itself as the liner of choice when it comes to the safe, efficient transportation of temperature sensitive goods. Our patented process, utilizes high frequency sonic welders to connect the upper wall liner to the scuff below. The weld creates a durable, hermetic seal, protecting the underlying insulating foam from moisture intrusion and degradation, much more consistent than hot gas joining. At the interface, Ridge-welded seams have a higher strength than the surrounding materials.

Highest quality standards in the industry

The Ridge Integral Liner is manufactured to the highest quality standards in the industry. Our innovative product design combined with advanced materials and assembly processes sets us apart from the competition. Ridge has established a new benchmark in reefer wall performance.


Innovative product design combined with advanced
materials and assembly processes

Ridge panels incorporate the highest strength-to-weight Ratio in the market. In many cases Ridge scuff liners out perform aluminum scuff in puncture strength.
Ridge liners eliminate snag points that damage cargo. At the interface, Ridge welded seams have a higher strength than the surrounding materials. Caulk is not required for sealing seams that expand and contract at differing rates as in conventional aluminum and FRP construction.
Ridge ballistic-grade materials do not bend, dent, or deform into new shapes like traditional aluminum scuffs.
When the sealing properties of high-strength/high-pressure layered laminates are combined into one-piece wall design, out-gassing is nearly eliminated.
Hydrophobic, resists corrosion, mildew, degradation, and can be easily cleaned
Materials are compliant with FDA Direct Food Contact standards
Technology; inhibiting microbial and fungal growth for the life of the trailer or truck body

A Commitment to Quality

• Proprietary fiber orientation and thermoplastic resins
• FDA compliant to Direct Food Contact standards
• Universally bondable, integral wall; Surlok™ and Royal Watson™; Dow Chemical tested for max foam adhesion
• Chemical bond to PU foams and adhesives, much stronger than scrim cloths
• Patented ultrasonic welded integral scuff and wall
• High impact and far better abrasion resistance when compared to aluminum or FRP
• Industry leading strength to weight ratio
• 100% Recyclable

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