Ridge Rapid Response Composite Panel Solutions

Life is unpredictable. It can be difficult for businesses or government agencies to predict when specialty structures will need to be created, where disasters will strike, and what unique needs they will be facing in the future. Luckily, Ridge Corporation is ready to assist with rapid response panel solutions.

From temporary shelters, rapid deployment modular partition units to testing kiosks and insulated trailers, we are using our knowledge of composite building materials to lead the way. Our structures have been used as rapid testing centers, emergency supply distribution hubs, and hurricane relief units. Stand-alone structures with Ridge composites have been utilized by the medical and pharmaceutical communities to improve rapid response.

These same composites can be used for emergency shelters employing unique construction techniques.

In the midst of natural disasters like hurricanes, wildfires, floods, tornadoes, and earthquakes our products can help to save lives. Our BioStat technology provides bacteria-resistant surfaces which have made Ridge Corporation units invaluable during the Covid-19 pandemic.


What Makes Our Rapid Response Panel Solutions Different?


There are many materials used to make temporary shelters, but no one can match us when it comes to environmental benefits, quality, or reliability. Here are a few of the reasons to work with Ridge Corporation for your rapid response needs:

  • Timeliness - When you need a quick response turn to Ridge.. We will ramp up to match your needs.
  • BioStat Technology - We have the industry’s best composites that are resistant to bacteria/fungi, and 100% impervious to moisture.
  • Lightweight - Our made-to-order shelters using our innovative composites are lightweight, easy to assemble, reusable, and 100% recyclable.
  • Know How - We can help you design & build the shelter you need quickly for assembly ease with state-of-the-art routers to help keep costs low.
  • ISO Certified - Skilled craftsmen manufacture to your exacting specifications and deliver on-time.
  • GREEN AND MORE – You can rely on our reputation for quality, affordability, and quick production turnaround times.

Whether you need emergency shelters, temporary testing, vaccine centers, or expanded modular space for schools, hospitals, retail, and restaurants we will help you engineer a solution. Contact us today to learn more!

Rapid Response: Retail Pharmacy Service & Testing Kiosks

With the largest public health crisis in a century unfolding, a large retail pharmacy needed a new way to safely interact with customers. The situation called for a fast, cost-effective solution that would protect employees and guests without compromising service.

Ridge Corporation had the protective solution. In just five weeks with our key strategic partner George P. Johnson, we were able to successfully deliver 653 rapid COVID-19 testing units to different locations throughout the USA. Using our skilled Ohio-based manufacturing team, we were able to precisely CNC cut more than 12,000 bacteria-resistant composite panels that totaled more than 500,000 square feet of laminated material to support the rapid build process.

Each of these 6 x 12-foot COVID-19 rapid testing kiosks, built to the retail pharmacy's specifications, helped the company to stay operational – and provided a much-needed public service – in a challenging time. See related article.

How can Ridge Corporation help your company, agency, or municipality meet new challenges going forward?


Affordable and Effective Products From a Trusted Name


Ridge Corporation has been serving America’s most known and trusted organizations since 2005. In addition to our work with the largest retail pharmacy, we stand ready to provide cutting-edge composites to FEMA, Health and Human Services (HHS), the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), whenever your company may be assisting these organizations.

All of our products are manufactured in Ohio, where our team utilizes 240,000 square feet of space to design and deliver orders quickly. In fact, we produce more than 22 million pounds of composites per year. That means we are the perfect choice for your rapid response project.

Want to Learn More About Our Rapid Response Panel Solutions?
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Why Rapid Response Panels?

Fast Installation – Large 1-PC seamless manufacturing panel capability with pre-CNC cut to dimension for fast rapid deployment assembly
Design-to-Build – Can assist you with engineered solutions for any structure
Impact resistance – Superior impact protection throughout the structure Interior and Exterior
BioStat™ technology – Resistant to bacteria/fungi, mold, mildew. Easy to Clean
Thermal Resistant - Our panels have a R value and can be used for insulation properties.
Environmentally Friendly – UV Resistant, 100% Impervious to moisture, CA Prop 65 compliant; NO STYRENE! NO HARMFUL OUTGASSING!
Reusable – Rapid Response Panels are durable in design, can be disassembled, and repurposed over and over again.
Recyclable – Panels are 100% recyclable. Our product which is free from adhesives for repurpose. NO Landfill

*Currently available seamless panels up to a max size 118”W x 630”L (longer lengths available)
Available Color: White….panels surfaces can be screen printed/wrapped, decaled, or painted by the customer.

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