Long Lasting and Durable Protection

Ridge Corporation, a leader in engineered composite solutions, is proud to announce a stride forward in trailer protection... Trailer Helmet! Trailer Helmet combines impact resilience and aerodynamic payback, all in one.

The shape of Trailer Helmet is proven in the wind tunnel to provide aerodynamic drag reduction and in ROI. Weighing only 48 lbs, the Trailer Helmet provides aerodynamic benefit with little impact to trailer payload.


Protect Your Fleet & Your Customers' Freight


Front end corner damage occurs often due to limb strikes and impacts from other trailers being moved around in the terminal lot. The impact can cause costly repairs, downtime, and wet freight claims due to water leaks. The damage often goes unreported leading to wet claims days or months later!

The Trailer Helmet is made up of resilient LoricaTM reinforced polymer that absorbs the impact and rebounds to the original position. The trailer front corners stay protected, and the cargo stays dry. One corner damage avoidance and it pays for itself!

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Why Trailer Helmet?

Damage resistance – Protection of the front top rail and corners from impact damage
Resilience – The shock absorbing nature of the material, recovers to nearly 100% after impact!
No more wet freight claims or costly repairs
Low cost protection – One corner damage avoidance and it’s paid for!
Return on investment – Aero payback
Available for both trailers and truck bodies*!
*Currently available for 102” wide truck bodies

Available Colors
White, Red, Yellow, Blue, Green, Dark Gray
Custom colors available with volume requirements


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Trailer Helmet

“The relentless and comprehensive detail to solving front-end trailer damage is a testament to Ridge’s claim of RESILIENCE in product development. No matter what angle you strike the TRAILER HELMET, it saves expensive damage, downtime, and wet freight claims.”

Mike Palmer – Estes Express Lines