Ridge Corporation Obsoletes the Need for Scrim Cloth on PolarX Walls

PATASKALA, Ohio February 29, 2016 – Ridge Corporation announces that extensive testing has proven that the weak link in refrigerated liner bonding to polyurethane foam has been eliminated.  In-house testing as well as external tests corroborate that SURLOK supplies a superior bond surface when compared to scrim cloth.

SURLOK can provide a structurally bondable surface for a variety of applications and is compatible with a wide range of foams and adhesives. The addition of SURLOK to Ridge’s PolarX reefer wall, and other advanced composites, lowers weight, reduces cost, and greatly improves the tensile strength of refrigerated wall liners to PU foam and adhesives.

This paves the way for upgraded foam specifications with greater surface adhesion and less delamination between the liner and foam. The need for scrim cloth has been eliminated. SURLOK can provide a structurally bondable surface for a variety of applications using a variety of foams. Contact Ridge Corporation for a product data sheet.

About Ridge Corporation:

The Ridge Corporation is an innovative composites company offering problem-solving expertise using advanced materials.  We specialize in the transportation industry with a focus on interior liners and aerodynamic (Green Wing) devices for trailers. Our revolutionary PolarX integral walls for refrigerated as well as our Dymondply dry freight nose, side, and scuff liners provide PROVEN puncture protection and weight savings, with low maintenance costs.  Our other focused markets include manufacturing complex Honeycomb and three dimensional shapes.  Please contact Ridge for your next innovative solution.

For more information please contact Gary Grandominico, President for the Ridge Corporation via email: gary.grandominico@ridgecorp.com or via phone: 614.421.7434.