GREEN WING – Ridge products are SO durable, that you will rarely buy parts or lose down time to costly repairs associated with other side-skirts. Once durability is coupled with the industry’s finest aerodynamic styling, the industry’s best ROI is achieved!

Ridge manufacturing expertise upholds our commitment to durability, reliability and cost effectiveness throughout the life of the product. Our patented V-brace absorbs impact instead of resisting it. DURABILITY…..THAT’S WHY YOU SEE MORE GREENWINGS ON THE HIGHWAY…..THEY LAST.

Ridge uniquely manufactures all aerodynamic products “in-house” providing you the one-stop-shop of simplistic design and accountability. Proven ROI! For more information call us today at 614.421.7434

GREEN WING Features:

  • SmartWay verified and recyclable 
  • One piece, dent proof, durable and UV protected design 
  • Easy installation 
  • Less than 155 pounds 
  • No oil canning due to temperature fluctuations 
  • Best value = shortest ROI 
  • Proven high impact materials 
  • Patent(s): U.S. 7,887,120; U.S. 7,748,772; U.S. 7,942,467; U.S. 7,942,468; U.S. 7,942,469; U.S. 7,938,475; U.S. 7,942,470; U.S. 7,942,471 and U.S. 8,292,351