Ridge Corporation Confirms Compliance with FDA Direct Food Contact Regulations

PATASKALA, Ohio January 29, 2018 – Ridge Corporation, leading manufacturer of transportation lining systems, engineers confirmed direct food contact classification per Food and Drug Administration regulations for their PolarX® refrigerated liners and DymondPly® dry van panel systems. Independent, third party testing validates all materials used in construction of PolarX® and DymondPly® are safe for both single and repeat use direct food contact applications, complying with the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act 21 U.S.C §301 et seq., specifically section 1, subpart O for transportation of human and animal food.

Ridge has taken the next step in providing carriers with the necessary assistance to comply with regulations set forth in the Food Safety Modernization Act. Ridge PolarX® and DymondPly® materials are naturally hydrophobic, prohibit bacterial and fungal growth, and protect against staining and unwanted odors for the life of the trailer or truck body without the need for additives. All Ridge materials can be easily cleaned with FDA compliant cleaners per industry best practices.

“These lightweight, high strength, Bio-Static materials once again place PolarX® and Dymondply® materials in a league of their own,” said Gary Grandominico, president. “Ridge engineering and advanced materials give Ridge customers the HIGHEST flexibility and reliability in every haul.”

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About Ridge Corporation:
Ridge Corporation, an Ohio based company, uses advanced materials to produce engineered solutions for multiple industries including all modes of freight transport. Using high performance materials coupled with proprietary manufacturing techniques, Ridge delivers a wide variety of design solutions that not only meet, but often exceed, customers’ expectations.
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