TransCore CC (Your Next Roll Up Door)

Light Weight, Durable, Signal Piece Roll Up Door

TransCore™ developed by Ridge Corporation is an engineered composite solution to replace traditional structural assembly materials such as: FRP, plywood, aluminum, and plate composite. Unlike other composites, TransCore has no bond line. TransCore is a proven solution for front walls, side walls, roofs, floors, and roll up doors!


TransCore CC Roll Up Door

For All Of Your Fleet Needs

At 52% less weight than conventional doors and no hinges to rust and bind, TransCore CC is effortless to operate. The closed cell foam core will not absorb moisture, so it remains the same weight over the life of the vehicle. Lighter weight means less stress on hardware for longer roller life and up to 3x’s the spring life leading to less maintenance and downtime. No hinges and nylon rollers standard, provide a quieter door in transit and in operation leading to increased driver comfort.

A Commitment to Quality

When you choose TransCore, you are not only getting cutting-edge composite material, but also services and support from a trusted industry leader. At Ridge, our reputation for innovation, rigorous testing, and excellence in production are second to none.


TransCore: Light Weight, Durable, Impervious

Ceilings, Walls, Flooring and All Structural Composite Solutions

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